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  penis in condom - semen in condom (penis im kondom - sperma im kondom)-01.   pre-ejaculate (also called precum) is a clear, mucoid fluid that is made by the cowpers glands. Pre-ejaculate the fluid that leaks out of the penis when aroused. Usually, there is so little pre-ejaculate that it goes unnoticed. 3 chemical irritation many kinds of soap, deodorant, spermicide, and other chemicals can cause irritation.   according to research from princeton university pre-ejaculatory fluid is released from the male urethra in amounts of up to 4 ml during sexual arousal, prior to ejaculation.   pre-cum is chemically different from semen and can act as a lubricant during intercourse. However, it may still contain sperm , so wearing a condom before any type of sexual activity or contact is. In flies, the female pokes her ovipositor into the seminal organ of the male female is on the left in the photo, the male right. Once there, sperm ejaculate is forced into it, and she stores it until her eggs are ready to be ovideposited.   precum or pre-ejaculation is a colorless fluid that comes out from the penis during sexual intercourse. It is produced by the cowpers glands, which are situated adjacent to the urethra below the prostate gland. The pre-ejaculatory fluid is secreted before ejaculation and it acts as a lubricant making it easy for sperm to pass through the. Pre ejaculate fluid is typically discharged from the penis during any form of sexual stimulation, be it foreplay, intercourse or masturbation. Pre ejaculate fluid is produced in the cowpers glands, and the exact amount of fluid released during arousal can vary widely among men.

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