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Then another day while i was upstairs in my room, my sister was walking up the steps and i heard her say something like sex with my brother would be hot. Im curious to know does she want to have sex with me and has anybody else ever had sex with their sibling or even thought about it. If you want to do something with your hot aunt (incest and all), bring it up (words, not dick) once, and then never mention it again. In your case right now, your aunt knows how you feel, knows that you feel without asking, and will decide what she wants to do about it. About a month ago now my wife asked me to go to her moms house to pick up a dresser that was in the garage. She said her mom wasnt home and that the key to the garage was in a dish on her moms dresser. Im a 20year old male and im a solid 810 , my sister in law is a 1010. The other day at a family event me and my sister in law were in the bar section talking to each other when all of a sudden she smiles at me and moves her chair very close to me, to the point where we are only a foot away from each other. My sister came home about two weeks ago, found them fing in my nephews bed. I have done most of the sex talks (sis usually sits in, not always), partly because of my nephew being older. They have stopped for now, but are giving my sister a hard time. My first time was about 5-6 years ago so i was 6-7 our parents werent home, me and my step brother (who was 15) just finished swimming we went inside to shower my step brother was taking off his clothes, until then i had never seen a naked boy and wondered. Once we got in the shower he was turned away from me and i realy wanted to see. Everything goes well but recently my girlfriend offered me interesting thing. She told me that her younger sister (19 yo) wants intimacy with a guy but wants to keep her virginity until the marriage. Last night came home drunk and talking really crazy to me and being very rude so i decided to ignore him and went to my room. After a few minutes he comes in and hes like yea, so your just gonna ignore me huh? And i didnt say anything. Honestly, when my 1st cousin (aunts daughter) and i were little like i was 3 or 4 and she was 4 or 5, and it was like just kids looking at each others privates, but we never ever mentioned it again, my other cousin on my moms side is hot af and posts lewwdish pictures on instagram with her tits showing and it turns me on, i think a lot of.

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